Voters To Decide On SMUD Expansions

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 5, 2006

Measure H was sparked by SMUD’s proposed annexation into Yolo County. “Yes on H” spokesman Jeff Raimundo says right now only people in the proposed expansion area get a say on the matter.

He says Measure H would let current customers vote as well. 

"Under the current law, existing rate payers don’t get a vote even though there are significant rate and service impacts, especially an expansion as big as 77,000 people in Yolo County."

But SMUD board president Genevieve Shiroma says Measure H is a PG&E backed initiative designed as a scare tactic.

She says the board already has a plan to put the issue before voters this November. 

"We started that whole process in January. Once we announced that the PG&E consultants came in with signatures and forced this vote in June." 

PG&E, the current utility company in Yolo County, opposes SMUD’s proposed expansion.