Fairly Low Primary Turnout Predicted

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 2, 2006

Secretary of State Bruce McPherson is predicting about 38 percent of registered voters will cast ballots in the primary.  Over the last twenty years turnout for gubernatorial primaries has ranged from 35 to 42 percent.  He says it’s a shame it’s not higher – and thinks the partisan way our legislative districts are drawn may have something to do with it: 
 “I think people are just kind of fed up with that process and they want to see a change.  If there were more competitive districts overall I think it would encourage people to vote.”
McPherson says negative ads may have frustrated some voters – and he adds that the number of decline to state voters is up to 18 ½ percent now.  It’s nearly doubled over the past decade.  McPherson says that’s a sign people are disenchanted with partisan politics.
The Secretary of State’s turnout prediction is based on absentee ballot requests, historical analysis – and yes, even the weather forecast.