Utility Underground Project Starts On Fulton Avenue

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Property and business owners on Fulton Avenue say they want to get rid of visual blight on their street.

"If you just look up in the air you just see this horrible mish mash of metal cable." 

Melinda Eppler is with the Fulton Avenue Association. Wednesday, the association and county officials broke ground on a utility undergrounding project.

Steven White, a civil engineer with the county’s Transportation Department, says they’ll be putting overhead wires for electrical, phone and cable T-V service underground, which means no more poles. 

"These poles are sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk and they are an obstruction to pedestrians and particularly the disabled community."

The $7 Million price tag will be covered by a combination of Measure A local sales tax funds, federal transportation dollars and money from Fulton Avenue businesses. The project is expected to be done in the Spring of 2008.