Low Candidate Response to Issue Survey

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Only 31 percent of gubernatorial candidates and 21 percent of legislative candidates said they were willing to provide issue information to voters.  Those are the results of Project Vote Smart’s “political awareness test.” The non-partisan, non-profit organization sent surveys to all candidates, and most simply didn’t respond.  That’s unusual, says Board member Adelaide Kimball.  She says in general elections, 60-75 percent of California candidates are usually willing to discuss the issues:

“When a candidate doesn’t respond to it it’s a conscious decision that they’re not going to provide this information to voters and they think they can get away with applying for these jobs and not showing up for the job interview.”

Kimball speculates consultants and party leaders are urging candidates not to respond in order to better control their campaign message. 
Neither of the Democratic gubernatorial front-runners – Phil Angelides or Steve Westly - returned the test.  Nor did Governor Schwarznegger.