Voters Still Undecided

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 29, 2006

Two recent polls – one by the L.A. Times and one by the Public Policy Institute of California – found that about a third of likely Democratic primary voters still haven’t chosen between State Treasurer Phil Angelides and State Controller Steve Westly.  Sacramento State Government Professor Kimberly Nalder says that’s pretty unheard of this late in a race.   

It means that turnout will likely be lower in general, because people are just not feeling motivated in general.  They’re not feeling the pull of either of these guys.” 

She says primary turnout is usually around 30-35%.  That’s lower than a typical general election.  She says primary voters tend to pay more attention, be more partisan, and make up their minds more quickly, so their indecisiveness now could indicate a very tough battle against Governor Schwarzenegger in the fall for the Democratic winner.