Immigration on Agenda for Fox Visit

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some conservatives have urged a hard-line approach to Fox’s visit – claiming Mexico should bear responsibility for illegal immigration.  Answering a reporter’s question about whether he’d be confrontational toward Fox, Schwarzenegger had this to say:

“Mexico is our friend and I’m going to talk to him and have an open discussion with President Fox on how can we work together.” 

Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says the tone of the visit is important for economic and cultural relations:

“The message that we must send to the Mexican people is that there’s mutual respect here – that we don’t simply look at Mexico as a country that sends undocumented immigrants north of its border.

Nunez says he’ll tell Fox that Mexico needs to work to improve its standard of living to help deter illegal immigration.  The Governor plans to discuss trade, immigration and the environment with the President.