Theatre Review: "Strange Sightings In The Great Southwest"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pearl True and Kitty Brazil are sisters. Pearl is prim, reserved, and controlled –she wishes she’d been born British, preferably upper class. Kitty is the opposite, impulsive, flirtatious, wearing undergarments decked out with All American star and stripes, which she’d gladly reveal to a guy at a bar. This bothers sister Pearl no end.

(play excerpt)

This might seem like flag etiquette, but the tensions run deeper in this idiosyncratic play, which brims with eccentricities and surprise transitions. But there’s also a dramatic progression, depicting three women who’ve become rootbound, repeating the same patterns – and the same mistakes. Slowly, sometimes a little painfully, each learns how to break the routine and respond to life in new ways, and grow into a better person. And that’s the transformation that moves this play from an offbeat comedy into something more illuminating. It’s unconventional, but I like it.