Budget Benefits From Massive Windfall

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 12, 2006

“Ladies and gentlemen, today I am a very happy Governor.”

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was all smiles as he released a state budget that increases school spending by three billion and pays down roughly the same amount in debt.

“The earlier we pay off our debt, the earlier we free up our money for very important programs like education, public safety and transportation projects.”

The Governor has also included 400 million to help hospitals prepare for an avian flu pandemic or other emergency. Democrats for the most part say they’re optimistic about the new plan, but Assembly Majority leader Dario Frommer calls it an example of “extreme makeover political edition.”

“This is an election year budget that is clearly calculated to pacify some of the Governor’s critics and get him re-elected.”

Some Republicans have expressed concern that the budget still includes a 2.5 billion dollar operating deficit.