State Historic Wine?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Democratic state Senator Carol Migden started with what she thought was a playful bill – to declare Zinfandel the official state wine.  But that proved to be very controversial to fans of merlot and riesling – and many in the wine industry.  So she pared it down to the “California historic wine”

“We’re not saying it’s the one that is most produced or everybody’s favorite, but we are saying it represents the history of the gold rush, something we’re very prideful about.”

But Paul Kronenberg of Family Winemakers of California says it’s still unfair.

“We think by designating as the state historic wine that you’re going to confer an advantage for zinfandel that won’t be extended to other varietals that are produced here.

The bill cleared committee.  It moves next to the Senate floor.