Thousands March on Capitol Mall

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 1, 2006

“Yes we can” was the now familiar rallying cry as a sea of people blanketed the Capitol lawn.  Instead of cars, streets were filled with signs like “amnesty for all” and “Illegal Immigrants are the Government’s scapegoats.” 13-year old Crystal Gasca of Sacramento says it was important to her to skip school to attend because some of her family members are here illegally:

“I felt it was so important because so many people who I know and others who want their families to stay together.”

Her mother Josephina was there with her – missing work. She says that was a tough decision:

“To tell you the truth it felt scary.  It was really hard because usually at the place where I work we’re very united and we split up.”

There has been a division over the boycott – with some people saying they couldn’t afford to miss a day’s wages.