Republicans Cry Foul

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 1, 2006

The rally on the Capitol steps reverberated even inside the building – where Assembly Republican leader George Plescia had harsh words for Democrats because there was no floor session scheduled for either house.

“This is about the hypocrisy of the Democrats shutting down the house.  Had they been here to do the people’s work, we could have discussed immigration reform.  But we are unable to do that when there’s no committees willing to meet and tackle that issue.”

Several committee hearings were cancelled.  But just as many were not.  Democratic Assemblymember Dave Jones took part in a committee hearing and a rally:

“Part of the job is working in one’s district and meeting with constituents and lending your support or assistance to issues of concern to your constituents.. 

The boycott was felt elsewhere in the Capitol building as well.  The cafeterias were closed.