Lawmakers Divided over Boycott

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, April 30, 2006

Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez will be taking part in two rallies in Los Angeles. 

“The May first events throughout the country are going to wake people up to one reality and that is that immigrants are contributors, they’re decent people.”

The state Senate has approved a resolution recognizing the boycott.  But Democrat and Latino caucus member Senator Dean Florez, who represents the Central Valley, says it’s not the best approach.

“There are a lot of folks around this building who can afford not to go to work but farmworkers in my community who feel the pressure because this is a national day in essence for not going to work, this puts a real practical impact and dent in their family’s income for that given day.”

Republican lawmakers have maintained that all legislators should be at work in Sacramento on Monday.