Health Clinic For Farm Workers Ends

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 28, 2006

Stockton Dentist Guillermo Vicuna co-founded Su Salud – which means “your health” in Spanish. Over the years he and his all-volunteer staff of health professionals have offered everything from cholesterol checks to dental checkups.

Vicuna says they’ve also stressed disease prevention to their patients. 

"Those who don’t have health insurance, the only defense that they have is not to get sick, it’s the prevention of disease not the treatment of disease."

But Vicuna says his own health is making it impossible for him to carry on. 

"My health is a problem. I do have Parkinson’s Disease."

One of the volunteer dentists, Lyndon Low of Stockton, says the end of Su Salud will be a blow to many farm workers.

"Unfortunately, they’re going to be left without any type of healthcare because Su Salud is often the only type of healthcare that they get. It’s a loss for the community."

Vicuna says he hopes another health care organization will continue the concept of Su Salud.

The last health fair will be Saturday at the Harney Lane Migrant Labor Camp near Lodi.