Teenagers Protest Over Homosexuality

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 24, 2006

The nationwide Day of Silence protest against harassment of gay and lesbian teenagers will be held Wednesday. 18-year-old Terra Michalowski plans to take part. She’s a senior at CK McClatchy High School. 

"Students are being harassed and bullied and threatened violently and verbally in schools and the issue is having safe schools." 

Michalowski and other students will take a vow of silence to symbolize the silencing of gay and lesbian teenagers by bullying.

But critics of the protest say gay issues don’t belong in public schools. Tim Chandler with the conservative Christian group Alliance Defense Fund says they’re planning a counter-protest for this Thursday. Students will wear t-shirts and hand out literature describing homosexuality as sinful. 

"The goal of the Day of Truth is to allow students to make well informed decisions by hearing all sides of the story and not just the one side offered by the Day of Silence." 

The Sacramento City School Board last week approved a resolution describing Day of Silence as a constitutionally protected protest.