Hayat Jury Deadlocked

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 24, 2006

Jurors considering the case against Umer Hayat sent the court a note indicating they were deadlocked – but Judge Garland Burrell asked them to question the “correctness of their current position.” However, he noted jurors should not change their minds simply to reach a verdict.   Umer Hayat is charged with lying to the F-B-I about his son’s alleged attendance at a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.   His attorney, Johnny Griffin says the jury’s indecision is telling:

  “If this case was in fact as clear cut and as strong as the government suggests, then the jurors would have come back with a guilty verdict long ago.”

If the jury remains deadlocked, Griffin says the judge will declare a mistrial.  He says it’s up to the government whether to re-try the case or not.  A separate jury is considering the case against Umer’s son, Hamid, who is charged with lying, as well as providing material support to terrorists by attending a training camp.