Review: Studio Theatre's "The Sugar Bean Sisters"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 21, 2006

(excerpt from play)

This Southern spoof is like cornmeal hushpuppies – the little balls of deep-fried dough my Florida grandma served when I was a boy. They weren’t substantial, and they certainly weren’t good for you, but I did enjoy them! That description also applies to “Sugar Bean Sisters.” It’s a broad comedy that actually hinges on a tragedy – an incident 30-years-ago, in which the town’s high school beauties were accidentally poisoned by a plate of biscuits, made by the father of the spinsters who tell the tale.

(excerpt from play)

Alligators by the outhouse are just the start. This play also features snakes, spirits, aliens, and an angel – and, naturally, a whiskey bottle. There’s even an unexpectedly moral ending, as each major character gets what she deserves, with a flourish and a smile. This show’s a meandering, accessible, unpretentious laugher – the theatrical equivalent of comfort food. And it’s told from a middle-aged female point of view – you may recall that the Studio Theater hosted a show called “Six Women With Brain Death” for eight years.

The Sugar Bean Sisters continues at the Studio Theatre (1028 R Street) through July 2nd