Study Of Foster Children In California Shows Neglect

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
The statistics used in the report are from the state, which was ordered to compile them under Assembly Bill 636.  That bill was authored by former Sacramento Assemblyman Darrell Steinberg.
Steinberg, now a candidate for state Senate, says the report takes a county by county look at the welfare of foster care youth.  
Across the state, we are not doing well enough by our children. 
Sacramento was above the state average, when it came to children who returned to foster care within one year of leaving it.
When it came to re-abuse of foster care children who reported being abused, Sacramento had about an 18 percent re-abuse rate.  
Sacramento was ranked as the 39th best performing county out of 58 when it came to overall welfare of foster children.