Pledge for Positive Campaign

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 18, 2006

State Controller Steve Westly has pledged to stay positive – and not attack his opponent by name in TV and radio ads.  He says a negative campaign could hurt the Democratic nominee’s chances of beating Schwarzenegger.  But he notes, all bets are off if State Trreasurer Phil Angelides goes negative first: 

“If my opponent does negative ads against me, look, I will not be John Kerry.  I will not sit on my hands for several weeks.  We will respond and will respond decisively.”

Angelides has not publicly m ade the same pledge to stay positive.
Dan Newman is a spokesman for the campaign:

“Voters want to know where the two candidates stand on the issue and we’re certainly going to explain to them that controller Westly does not have a plan to fully fund education and balance the budget.”

Newman won’t say whether the Treasurer is planning to go negative or not.