Department of Public Health Proposed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Governor is pushing a reorganization of the Department of Health Services.  It would include the creation of a new department focused solely on public health – including areas like chronic disease, drinking water and emergency preparedness.  A separate Department of Healthcare Services would handle programs like Medi-Cal.   D-H-S Director Sandra Shewry says this is an important step:

 “We feel, the Governor feels that we will really be able to get the job done better for the citizens of this state if we have two, smaller focused organizational units.”

The administration says the reorganization would not cost the state any extra money.  The plan requires legislative approval – and there’s already a bill in the works by Democratic Senator Deborah Ortiz of Sacramento.  If the plan moves forward, now that it has the Governor’s endorsement, the reorganization would take effect in July of 2007.