Beware "Flood Cars"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 18, 2006

By some estimates Hurricanes Katrina and Rita left as many as 600-thousand flood-damaged cars in their wake. Rosemary Shahan, President of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety calls them killer cars:

These cars are very dangerous.  The airbags may not inflate, the anti-lock brakes may not work.”

That’s why Shahan supports a bill that would require sellers to identify flood cars.  It’s cleared the transportation committee.  Democratic Assemblymember Jenny Oropeza is the measure’s author:

‘We’re going to place heavy fines on people who do this – who actually try to sell to customers without letting them know up front, that these cars have been flood-damged.”

Violators would be fined one-thousand dollars on the fist offense, five-thousand on the second, and ten-thousand dollars on the third.