Physician Involvement in Executions Banned Under Bill

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 17, 2006

The legislation stems from the controversial Michael Morales case.  
As a result of a federal judge’s ruling in February, the state requested two physicians monitor the execution of the convicted murderer, but they backed out because of ethical concerns.  This bill would prevent such a scenario says its author, Democratic Assemblymember Ted Lieu.

“It prevents doctors from being put in the untenable position from having to violate their ethical oath.”

The California Medical Association is sponsoring the bill.  But Democratic Assemblymember Joe Canciamilla says he’d rather leave the ethical decision up to an individual physican:

“The arguments are disconcerting to me that the government lay down a blanket policy on what a physician may or may not do.”

The bill moves next to the appropriations committee.