Theatre Review: Capital Stage's "Proof"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One of the fascinating things about “Proof” is the way the play turns the tables on its characters, and the audience. Like this scene, where a protective father is surprised when his sheltered daughter announces that she’s leaving for college, on the other side of town.

(excerpt from play)

But soon, the father – a legendary mathematician – loses his grip on reality, and the daughter returns home. Later, a handwritten document is found – a 40-page mathematical proof that appears to be of groundbreaking importance. But who actually wrote it, father or daughter? Can anyone be sure?This Pulitzer-winning script has only four characters, but skillfully creates a complex web of relationships – father to daughter, sister to sister, teacher to student, lover to lover. This production, by Capital Stage, is beautifully mounted, with excellent acting by local professionals Stephanie Gularte and Rodger Hoopman. It’s a fine evening out by a small theater company that’s doing very good work.