New Energy Center Opens At UC Davis

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(Davis, CA)
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The day after he called for mandatory reporting of greenhouse gasses to combat global warming, Governor Schwarzenegger was on hand to open a new center dedicated to meeting California’s climate change goals. 

"The UC Davis Center on Energy Efficiency is going to be a laboratory for ideas of the future." 

The governor announced that the university is getting $1Million to come up with new technologies that can quickly be put out into the marketplace. 

"All of us working together - meaning the government, the people, businesses and of course the brilliant minds of this center here - we will bring a clean, prosperous future to California."

The Energy Efficiency Center will focus on finding ways to reduce electricity use in homes and businesses and coming up with new ideas for conserving fuel.

The governor’s appearance in San Francisco and Davis coincide with a new round of re-election ads that highlight his environmental record.