Weir Debate Continues

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 7, 2006

Under current guidelines, the weir is opened only when the water level under the I Street Bridge reaches 27.5 feet. That’s not soon enough for some local officials. 

"I think it would relieve anxiety of people in Sacramento if the weir was opened somewhat sooner." 

Sacramento County Supervisor and chairman of the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency - Roger Dickinson – says people who live along the Garden Highway are especially anxious when the river runs high. 

"Unless there is a compelling reason not to open the weir somewhat sooner I think it would make sense to give people some relief."

But state water officials say opening the weir too soon could have negative consequences further down river. Don Strickland is with the Department of Water Resources. 

"You then create more problems for people who live along the Yolo Bypass. The water has to go somewhere. You still have the same amount of water, all you’re doing is routing it through a different place." 

Supervisor Dickinson says he hopes once the wet season is over, state and local officials will sit down iron out differences to come up with a compromise.