Combating Global Warming

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 3, 2006

The report urges California to require power plants, landfills and other heavy industries to report greenhouse gas emissions…and requires utilities to meet efficiency goals.  They’re proposed as ways to meet the Governor’s goal of reducing emissions as early as 2010, says special advisor to Schwarzenegger Terry Tamminen:

 “As we’ve seen with everything from catalytic converters to other kinds of clean air and clean fuel technologies, California has led the way and the rest of the country follows – indeed the rest of the world follows.”

Mandatory reporting of emissions ---as well as a cap on them - are key aspects of legislation unveiled by Democrats that aims to reduce emissions to 25% below forecasted levels by 2020.  That’s in line with the Governor’s plan. 

A spokesperson with the Independent Energy Producers says they can live with the concept….as long as the requirements aren’t too onerous….but some business leaders say global warming is not a local issue…and shouldn’t be regulated as such.