Business Journal: Boutique Hotel May Get City Boost

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 3, 2006

At the corner of J and 10th sits an historic building that’s been used for offices. Rubicon Partners and JDV Hotels of San Francisco see it becoming the city’s first large boutique hotel, with 200 rooms. But it would take a $50 million investment … and they want more than $11 million from the city in loans, pledges and a partial tax break to help them along. The 81-year-old building would become a four-star hotel, under the plan. 

On the plus side, the city would see $20 million in revenue over time from the project, through various taxes … and the creation of 130 jobs. Restaurants are envisioned in the renovation, playing into the council’s vision of a more vibrant downtown in the evenings.