Rain Delays Crops

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, April 2, 2006

Farmers statewide are getting antsy.  Those trying to harvest their crops – like oranges, and asparagus - are delayed by muddy fields and downpours.  And those trying to prep fields or plant crops like rice, cotton, or lettuce are behind schedule for the same reason.  Dave Kranz with the Farm Bureau Federation says farmers won’t escape unscathed from this wet weather:

 “If they can’t plant when they normally do, that could mean they can’t harvest when they normally would and that in turn could mean that there would be some gaps in supply of certain vegetables:  lettuce, broccoli and some of the others.”

That could mean higher produce prices….but Kranz points out things could change between now and the spring, so it’s early to predict anything with certainty.