Poll Finds Lawmakers Blamed For Stalled Infrastructure Plans

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 30, 2006

A new poll finds that most Californians blame state lawmakers and not the governor.

The Legislature’s approval rating has slipped from an already dismal 29% to 25%, while Governor Schwarzenegger’s rating remains about the same at 37%.

Sacramento State University government professor Stan Oden says that’s not surprising.  

"The governor looks like he’s doing the right thing and here’s the Legislature balking at it because it’s the details that really determine if this bond measure is going to really be effective for the state but obviously the citizens are going to look at the Legislature and say ‘hey, you are still keeping us away from getting what we have to have happen in the state.’"

The new Public Policy Institute of California survey out Thursday also finds that nearly 60% of likely voters do not believe that the governor and lawmakers will be able to work together and accomplish very much in the next year.