Reiner Resigns from State Commission

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rob Reiner had come under fire in recent months at the state Capitol because his “First Five” Commission had spent more than 20 million dollars in taxpayer money on ads promoting the benefits of pre-school -- at the same time Reiner was pushing his pre-school initiative for the June ballot. Reiner has maintained he did nothing wrong. In fact, he ruled out a resignation just two weeks ago during an appearance at the Sacramento Press Club. 
“Should I resign, of course not, because everything I’ve done is completely legal. We welcome audits,” Reiner told reporters.  

In his resignation letter to Governor Schwarzenegger, Reiner said “personal political attacks” shouldn’t get in the way of working for the state’s children. The governor appointed Hector Ramirez -- head of the Los Angeles based children’s advocacy group Para Los Ninos – to replace Reiner