Suspect Sues County Jail and Sheriff

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 27, 2006

Eric McDavid’s attorney Mark Reichel claims the 28-year old’s being held in a solitary cell without any opportunity to exercise:

    “Since feb. 10th he has not seen the light of day for exercise – even for 15 minutes.”

Reichel also says McDavid is a vegan - which means no animal products – and his client’s not being offered the appropriate food choices.  The suit against the jail, the Sheriff, and the U.S. Marshall's Office, asks the court to rule that McDavid be allowed vegan food and exercise outside. 

 Sheriff’s Sergeant R.L.  Davis says McDavid is getting at least three hours a week of outdoor time, and he’s being offered vegan food options….as well as the services of a nutritionist and doctor.  McDavid – a suspected Earth Liberation Front member – is charged with conspiracy to damage property with explosives.  Among the alleged targets: Nimbus dam and fish hatchery, and a forest service institute of genetics.