Theatre Review: "Noises Off"

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(Nevada City, CA)
Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Theater veterans know how to recognize a farce, even before the play begins. You count the doors.  And as one character observes early on, this show has a lot of them.

(“All these doors!!!”)

Eight-doors, in fact – eight different doors that can slam, or get stuck, or have the handle come off in your hand. Doors where you can run when your pants fall down, or someone enters the house while a pretty girl is parading around in her underwear.


“Noises Off” is also a backstage farce, about a dysfunctional theater company going through a disastrous performance of a comedy, with all sorts of things going wrong backstage.


This script is a classic of its kind, and Foothill Theater stages it beautifully. The bottom line is that this funniest farce anybody’s done in the Sacramento region for years, and I should warn you that once you’ve seen it, you won’t be able to look at a plate of sardines without laughing.

"Noises Off" runs through April 16th at Foothill Theatre Company.  Reservations are recommended, since some performances are already sold out.