Students Await Results Of Exit Exams

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(Elk Grove, CA)
Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sophomore students at Elk Grove’s Franklin High School were pretty confident after taking the mandatory test.

Male Student: "Yeah, I was kind of looking forward to getting it over with actually. I thought it was pretty easy."

Female Student: "The math and the reading is pretty simple and a lot of students should have already learned all that stuff and I think I passed."

But if these sophomores don’t pass they have a few more years to try again. That’s not the case for seniors.

Vice Principal Jeff Warshaw says they’ve been working hard to get their seniors ready.

"We’re fortunate here at Franklin that we don’t have a lot of students who have their graduation hopes pinned up to just this one last time through the test but we do have a few and it’s certainly something that we’ve worked with them and their families to try to help them to prepare as much as possible to be successful with this last chance that they have to pass the test."

Warshaw says if they don’t pass they can still get their diplomas at a later date after completing a combination of summer school and adult education programs.

The class of 2006 is the first required to pass the California High School Exit Exam.