Galt Looks At New Anti-Gang Program

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The police department’s proposal to form a special team enforcement program or STEP comes after the violent deaths of two Galt teens in the past three months.

Police Lieutenant Jim Uptegrove says gangs, drugs and graffiti are a problem.

"I wouldn’t say it’s reached epidemic proportions but we do want to get a handle on it and start to be able to control it before it does get out of hand."

Uptegrove says STEP would include hiring a crime prevention officer and two, full-time police officers.

"Between that core group we will be able to reach out to the community, provide enforcement and also provide an educational facet to the program as well."

STEP would also go cost about $230,000 for the first year. The plan is scheduled to be discussed at Tuesday's city council meeting.