Chertoff Tours Sacramento Levees

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 17, 2006

During a helicopter tour of Natomas and the Poocket area,  the Governor showed Chertoff the deteriorating flood control system.

The Governor declared a state of emergency last month to free up 100 million dollars to fix levees, and he’s asking President Bush to do the same.  

Secretary Chertoff acknowledged the need:  “There are certain critical parts of the levees that appear to be in jeopardy and those need to be addressed first”

Chertoff didn’t bring a check – or an emergency declaration.  But Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo says at least the city’s on his radar:

“I’ll be satisfied when the actually really help us and when we do actually see significant amounts of construction in terms of levee repairs.”

Chertoff did promise to stand quote “shoulder to shoulder” with California to help.