Governor Promises November Bond

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 16, 2006

Despite the political drama of a failed deal, Governor Schwarzenegger is still optimistic about a plan:

“That I can guarantee you. We will have it done this year.  We maybe haven’t been able to do it in June.  But we will do it by November.... yes, the whole thing.”

Meaning the mega-bond – with schools levees and roads—which was up to around 50 billion earlier this week.  Schwarzenegger says dams and reservoirs were always a major sticking point for Republicans:

“It almost became a religious issue.  It’s amazing.  It was like the holy war in some ways, where people draw the line and say we have to have water storage.”

Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders have pledged to continue negotiating until an infrastructure deal can be reached.