A Tougher Battle May Loom for Bonds in November

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 16, 2006

It will certainly be more expensive to run a bond campaign in November, as opposed to June… That’s according to Jack Pitney, Political Science professor at Claremont McKenna College.   

“ In November you have more people turning out to the polls, more expensive to reach and if you’re going to run a campaign for the ballot measure, it has to compete with all the other items on the ballot.…” 

Pitney also calls missing the June ballot a missed opportunity. He says it was a good way for the Governor and the legislature to try to restore some faith in the state political process. 

However, a real payoff is possible if the Governor runs for re-election with a bond measure he helped put together on the November ballot.  But to do that Pitney says he’ll have to draw Republican lawmakers in and maintain relationships with Democrats.