Sunshine Law Compliance Lacking, Finds Report

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ryan McKee visited 31 state agencies, asking for the standard document which declares conflicts of interest for the top-ranking employee.  The average result?  A failing score.

“ It’s just astonishing how there can be legal duties expressly imposed on these agencies by the public records act, yet obviously ignored by so many of those state agencies.”

Barely half got him the information within 10 days.  Some not at all.
He says three agencies wouldn’t let him leave a request.  On the flip side, the state Teachers retirement system rated an A for its timely response.  Assemblyman Mark Leno says agencies should be punished if they don’t comply…and is supporting new laws requiring agencies to post such documents on their websites.

A spokesperson at one of the agencies named in the audit questions the methodology used.