Reiner Responds to Allegations

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Movie director Rob Reiner joked to the Sacramento Press Club that he was under no illusions that anyone there wanted to talk about the benefits of pre-school -- the centerpiece of his Prop 82 campaign.  Instead, questions centered on whether the California First Five Commission improperly used millions in taxpayer funds for ads touting benefits of pre-school, all while he pushed his initiative. Reiner says he tried to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest by recusing himself months ago from advertising decisions.  
“Should I resign? Of course not, of course not.  Because everything I’ve done is completely legal. We welcome audits.”
 And he’ll get one… the state auditor will examine the commission’s advertising procedures.   Some lawmakers have even called for an investigation that’s been referred to the Sacramento District Attorney’s office for review.