Work Begins On New High Rise

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 10, 2006

Construction is already underway on the site at 6th Street.

Sacramento City Manager Ray Kerridge says the project marks the start of a transformation of Capitol Mall.  "This has been a great week for development in the downtown. Yesterday we had the launching of the Railyards Project and today we have the kickoff of this block. If anybody needed anymore evidence that things are on the move in the city of Sacramento just look at this gathering here and there’s more to come."

Developer David Taylor says he’s worked 16-years on the project – and initially rain into some resistance from city officials back in the late ‘80s.  "It’s been embarrassing to me personally how long it’s taken but at least we can look out there now and actually see machinery digging holes so two years from today we’ll have a really great looking building on the skyline that everybody will say ‘what took them so long.’"  

The 25-story building is expected to open in 2008. One of the tenants will be the Downey Brand law firm.