Drug Company Clinical Trials is the Focus of New Legislation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 10, 2006

The bill’s sponsor, the California Public Interest Research Group, has dubbed it the “no more Vioxx” legislation.  That drug’s maker has been sued over allegations that the company knew but didn’t warn users of potential problems ….  Richard Cauchi with the National Conference of State Legislatures says sixteen states introduced similar bills last year. 

 “I think states are looking at making that information both available much more freely to ordinary consumers and also making sure there aren't gaps in the information.” 

A spokeswoman for Phrma, that represents drug companies, says the reams of testing information would be like, “sipping from a firehose”  for the average consumer.  She says the added hurdle would slow drug development. The bill’s sponsors say the measure will have its first hearing in committee next month.