Candidate Ad Analysis

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 10, 2006

Consider the ads airing right now an introduction, says Sacramento State Communications Professor Dr. Barbara O’Connor.  She says statewide the two major candidates aren’t very well known. 
But State Treasurer Phil Angelides has come out with a clear theme:

"He stood up to Arnold…he’ll stand up for you"

O'Connor says it's not a bad strategy - for now. 

 “That’s a little bit of a risky strategy if the Gov’s really popular.  Right now he’s not, but people will associate that because it’s the primary message.”

State Controller Steve Westly’s ads were first to hit the airwaves. 
O'Connor says his are obviously designed to tell us about his background.

 “It is a very, I’m sort of an outsider, I’m successful in business, I care about education. So these are very positive themes that Californains care about.”

O’Connor says she does expect the tone to turn negative fairly quickly, as the candidates work to differentiate themselves from each other.  Governor Schwarzenegger isn’t facing a primary challenger.