Sacramento State Professors Rally For Pay Hike

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Faculty, staff and students took part in the rally. Sacramento State criminal justice professor Cecil Canton told the crowd that faculty salaries lag far behind comparable wages around the country. 

"Let’s send a message today, that we’re not going to take anything other than a fair contract and respect for faculty and staff."

State Senator Gloria Romero also spoke at the rally. She says CSU trustees and administrators should be pressing the governor for more funding and cost-of-living pay hikes for employees.

"The governor has recommended for CSU and UC only 3%. The 5% is doable but you know what, we don’t hear the trustees or the chancellor asking. That is pathetic. We’re going to fight for a cost of living."

Similar protests are being held this week at CSU campuses around the state.

Contract talks between the California Faculty Association and CSU leaders have been going on since last summer.