Bond Deadline for June Ballot Looms

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

As of late Tuesday, the word was that negotiations were “progressing”… But whether all sides can come to an agreement within the next few days remains to be seen.  The Governor’s spokeswoman Margita Thompson brought local government leaders to her weekly briefing, where they expressed the need for bond funds to fix levees in their districts. Yuba County Supervisor Don Schrader says he’s eager for a bond measure on the June ballot. 

“Cause without that protection we’re going to see the Katrina problem happening in California all over again, the only thing we don’t have is 140-mile an hour winds, but we’ve got just as much water and just as much damageable property…” 

The Governor’s spokeswoman says Schwarzenegger remains committed to the idea of a bond package that includes a variety of public works projects.