More Bike and Walking Paths Sought

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 6, 2006

Groups like WALK California and the California Bicycle Coalition say the state’s roadways aren’t accessible or safe enough for walkers and cyclists…. who they say make up 20% of traffic-related fatalities in the state.  Anne Geraghty is with WALK Sacramento:

  “We can’t get across the street safely.  We can’t go to the neighborhood store safely.  We need a fabric that is complete for all the modes.”
The groups want 900 million for bike lanes and bike paths, safe routes to schools and transit – and driver awareness.

In addition, they want future road projects to include consideration of pedestrians, cyclists and the disabled.  Department of Finance spokesman H.D. Palmer says the Governor’s plan includes 200 million for park and ride options and pedestrian bike paths.