Jockeying Begins for New Assembly Minority Leader

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 6, 2006

Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is expected to run for retiring Congressman Bill Thomas’ seat … That’s set off speculation about who would take over McCarthy’s post.  Republican political consultant Dan Schnur, a former aide to Governor Pete Wilson, says it’s important for Governor Schwarzenegger. 

 “Any governor of either party relies hugely on his party’s legislative leadership to move his agenda forward.” 

Schnur says McCarthy’s more moderate stance has been instrumental in keeping the caucus together 

 “A lot of the members are a lot more conservative than Schwarzenegger, a lot of them are inclined to be much more vocal in their criticism than would be helpful for the Governor.” 

So far, at least half-a-dozen names  have been mentioned as possible successors.  Potential contenders for the position that have been mentioned include George Plescia of San Diego, Sharon Runner of Lancaster,  Rick Keene of Chico and Roger Niello of Sacramento.