Pints And Pointe A Popular Pairing For Sacramento Ballet

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 2, 2006

The Sacramento Ballet’s studios on K Street were not originally designed for dance. Claudia Richardson, who attends most of the Ballet’s events, describes the space.


Actually, it was an auto body shop, converted to a dance rehearsal space about 15 years ago. Over the next few weekends, it’s also a venue for the Ballet’s most intimate performances. Tim Orr, the ballet’s general manager, says that setting up six rows of chairs in the studio is the easy part.


The program is long on creativity and sheer variety. Some pieces are serious, drawing on the vocabulary of classical ballet, set to dance music from 250 years ago, like Bach’s solo cello suites.


Others are pure fun, with eye-popping swing dancing to the big band sound of Benny Goodman.


Choreographing their own new pieces helps the performers think outside the box. Dancer Bobby Briscoe.


For the audience, it’s a chance to feel almost like a member of the company, which impressed first time visitors Cathy and Patricia.

(Cathy, Patricia)

The dancers do have bodies that put most of the rest of us to shame. And if you’re wondering, there is a reason the program is called “Beer and Ballet.” A local brewery is a sponsor, there’s also wine, water and soda. And unlike most ballet performances, you are invited to take your beverage to your seat.

Some tickets remain for the March 17-18 Beer & Ballet performances.