Sheriff's Department Audited

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Supervisors ordered the audit last year to look at overall services and jail issues. The report recommends creating a team to come up with ways to improve jail staffing and security.

Judy McGarry – director of the county’s Department of Compliance – says next, officials with the Sheriff’s Department and County Executive Office will look at making the recommendations a reality.

"Review the recommendations made in depth and then report back to the board on 60 to 90 days on either concurrence, disagreement or however we are going to implement the recommendations."

Critics of the Sheriff’s Department say they’ve been calling for jail oversight accountability for a long time.

"But it just helped to reinforce the fact that the Sheriff’s Department is a mess."

Reverand Ashiya Odeye with the Jail Reform Coalition says they’re calling on county officials to remove all jails from the Sheriff’s control and establish a Department of Corrections.

Sheriff’s officials say they welcome the audit and are already working on improving services.