New First Five Funding Proposed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 28, 2006

.Assembly G-O-P leader Kevin McCarthy has presented legislation that would spend the California First Five Commission’s advertising budget to expand a five-week lKern County program statewide which prepares children to attend kindergarten. 
                                    "Either we can continue to line the pockets of the ad execs in Los Angeles, or we can start teaching the children math, reading and social skills in a program that has worked…”
Producer Rob Reiner has taken a leave of absence as chair of the commission.  That’s since reports came out that the tax-funded organization spent more than 20-million dollars for ads on the benefits of early education while at the same time Reiner campaigned for a separate, statewide pre-school initiative. 

 Supporters of the initiative quickly criticized the lawmakers’ move, saying the proposed legislation is not in keeping with the organization’s mission to educate the public about early childhood development.