Renewed Efforts for Death Penalty Moratorium

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 23, 2006

Democratic Assemblymembers Sally Lieber and Paul Koretz have introduced similar legislation before, with no success.  What’s different this time is they’re asking voters to establish a two-year moratorium on the death penalty.  Lieber says the controversy over the delayed execution of Michael Morales is proof the time is right:

“I think that the events of the past week and the large number of executions we’ve had in California has really increased the profile of this issue and brought forward those details that are very gruesome.”
Lieber says the goal is to halt executions while a commission examines the process in California.

Republican Todd Spitzer, who’s opposed to the bill, says it’s really a back-door attempt to abolish the death penalty.  He says if it does go to voters, he’s confident they’ll vote against the moratorium.