Assembly Speaker Offers Public Works Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Speaker Fabian Nunez says it’s more prudent to spend about 30 billion in state bonds – roughly half of what the Governor’s proposed.  And he’d like to see a third of that money go for school buildings.  He believes education could be tackled right away.  “If I can convince the Gov. to put this on the June ballot absent the other bond packages, I’m certainly going to do that.”

But the Governor’s legislative secretary, Richard Costigan says that’s not an option right now: “They all go hand-in-hand – you’ve gotta build roads to accommodate building schools – you gotta have the water storage – all of it’s inter-related..”

Nunez is also making flood control, transit – highways, housing, and parks top priorities.  He’s leaving out several key elements that are in the Governor’s plan: namely, prisons, water storage facilities, and courts.